Hadrian’s Wall, Newcastle & Durham Weekend Tour


Three informative tours of the most historical, cultural and architecturally fascinating attractions in the North East.

Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO world heritage site, marks the frontier of the Roman Empire. The frontier extended for 80 Roman miles and covered many landscapes. On this part of the tour, we’ll focus on the fort at the east end of the wall: Segedunum. The fort is home to fantastic reconstructions of the Roman way of life, allowing you to learn up-close about this fantastic, ruthless yet creative culture that conquered much of the known world. Following this we’ll go to the Great North Museum in Newcastle, which has one of the largest collections of Roman artefacts in the North of Britain. This tour is great for those who love history and wish to discover more about the Romans in urban Newcastle and Tyneside.
Starting as a Roman fort and growing to become one of the major cities of the Industrial Revolution, Newcastle has a fantastic story to tell. You’ll hear all the best bits on this guided walk of Newcastle, while visiting many of the city’s most significant sites. We’ll take you inside the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas and then Newcastle’s Castle – both parts of the historic core of the city.
Built in 1080 by one of the sons of William the Conqueror, Newcastle’s castle has defended against Scottish attacks, including a failed assault by William Wallace (of Braveheart fame). St. Nicholas Cathedral church was first mentioned in 1092 and developed as the primary parish in Newcastle. This tour is a great way to immerse yourself in the history and sights of Newcastle, to discover how the city has changed the world.
Finally, Durham is one of the most famous cities in the North of England. Sitting under the fantastic Cathedral of St Cuthbert of Durham and the imposing Castle. This tour gives you an in-depth introduction to this city which has grown around the shrine of its Anglo-Saxon saint, St. Cuthbert. The Bishops of Durham were both church and military leaders defending the North of England from the Scottish threat. We will take you through the Grand Romanesque Cathedral – often described to be the greatest Cathedral in England – explaining the architecture and history of the building before showing you the Open Treasures, which is where the treasures of the Bishop of Durham have been gathered and curated for you to discover.
This tour includes entrance to Durham Cathedral and the Open Treasures.

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  • A very interesting, shocking, and intriguing tour by a very knowledgeable guide, Alex. The Gory tour was a highlight of visiting Newcastle. Brilliant.

    Fraser - Facebook
  • I've just spent a FANTASTIC few hours with Alexander Iles (Iles Tours) on a 5* guided tour of Newcastle's industrial innovations old & new! I can't recommend him highly enough - so knowledgeable and passionate about Newcastle!

    Paul - Facebook

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